Exploring the intangible things that bring us more aliveness

This newsletter is like a filing cabinet for those various things that help us realise life while we are living it—or what brings aliveness.

It’s where I collect the insights I encounter on being curious and creative—be it a pithy quote, a piece of advice, a hard-won lesson. It’s a place for overturning and inspecting the feelings, hidden wants, tensions, mistakes, and delights. It’s a place I can ask questions, without promising an answer.

How can I cultivate a rich life within myself?

How can I embrace human fallibility?

How can I expand life, rather than trying to solve it?

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can expect an assorted collection of nourishing musings, curated findings, and experiments. Some things will be free to read, others will be reserved for paid subscribers (see more on that below!)

All combined, what you can discover here is subtle things, the remarkable things, the little things, the conflicting things—to hopefully remind you of the important things.

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A little thing about me

I’m Madeleine Dore, a writer and interviewer exploring how we can broaden the definition of a day well spent.

As a labour of love, I spent over five years asking creative thinkers how they navigate their days on my blog Extraordinary Routines and podcast Routines & Ruts. The lessons culminated in my first book, I Didn’t Do The Thing Today.

I’m delighted to continue writing, experimenting and bringing various ideas alive in this little corner of the internet.

Whether you sign up as a free or paid subscriber, I really want to thank you for being part of this thing!

Madeleine x

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Notes on the intangible things that bring more aliveness, from writer Madeleine Dore.


Madeleine Dore 

Writer, interviewer and author of I Didn't Do The Thing Today