n. (philosophy) the state of being a thing, of being real, of having existence

Do you often find yourself pondering what it means to not simply exist, but to be alive to everything?

Welcome to On Things, a newsletter for the curious-minded who love delving deeper into the things that make us feel more alive.

It’s a place to navigate the various facets of what I like to call aliveness—the joys and the uncertainties, the tensions and the desires.

It’s a space to reflect on things and chew on questions, without feeling the pressure to rush to an answer.

It’s a moment to ponder things that get lost in the swirl of it, and remember to be awake to the day while we’re in it.

You’ll find regular writings, interviews and notes that weave together observations, pithy quotes and research to help reframe common stumbles in daily life and find pockets of aliveness.

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Some things about me

I’m Madeleine Dore, a writer and interviewer exploring how we can broaden the definition of a day well spent.

I spent over five years asking creative thinkers how they navigate their days on my blog Extraordinary Routines and podcast Routines & Ruts.

The lessons culminated in my first book, I Didn’t Do The Thing Today. It’s filled with insights on how to embrace the ebb and flow of our work, creativity and life.

My work continues to explore themes of creativity, curiosity and connection, and I’m delighted to be bringing various things to life in this vibrant little corner of the internet.

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Much like life, this newsletter is an ongoing experiment. I hope the letters will inspire you to cherish little things, discover remarkable things, explore conflicting things—and be reminded of the important things.

Sending good things,
Madeleine ❤️

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Essays, interviews and notes exploring the complexities of being alive, and the things that make us feel alive.


Madeleine Dore 

Writer, interviewer and author of I Didn't Do The Thing Today